Message from our President

President Tokiji Miyamoto

A bridge between Asia and Latin America

Today's globalization wave inevitably continues to evolve at a tremendous speed. With this era as a setting and having for a long time warmed up numerous ideas and a solid vision, we have focused on contributing to society in Hispanic countries and in Asia, especially in Japan.
The time to fulfill this dream came as we were prompted by the following three points in particular:

  1. We are a bridge for the mutual development of the societies because of our deep understanding of the Asian culture, particularly of Japan, as well as of Hispanic countries, being able to grasp the strengths and weaknesses of each country and proposing solutions to diverse issues.
  2. We have verified the abundance of available expertise in business fields of each country and that their capabilities are yet to be fully utilized.
  3. We have unique knowledge of the many business areas with great potential for economic growth in the Hispanic countries and we are confident we can make a considerable contribution to the economic development of each country by responding to these needs.

Today there seems to be no other leading company that can deal with the above three points, so this is our overwhelming strength. The growth and development of an organization, including individuals, promises the development of society and promotes the happiness of the people involved. To support businesses with that goal is our social mission. We have set ourselves the goal of growing one step at a time by repeatedly and continuously contributing to society. Therefore, we greatly appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Tokiji Miyamoto
KUMIAY Internacional Co. Ltd.

Last modified: Wednesday, 10 May 2017, 2:48 AM