Who are we?

KUMIAY Internacional Ltd. was born from the union of two Hispanic American professionals in Japan, one Mexican (Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics) and the other Costa Rican (Master's in Management and International Business), who in turn incorporated a Japanese professional (market analyst, with over 20 years of experience in management and current president of our company) into the business project. The latter was possible because having complementary specialization fields and soft skills, wide professional experience, and high-impact business capabilities, we were able to prepare the road to pursue our common interests. We are a company committed with the development of the Americas and the Hispanic World and with the recognition of the professional quality of Hispanics in Japan and abroad. We represent those Hispanics that wish to transfer their professional, life and work experiences acquired during long years in Japan. We are confident in achieving the latter thanks to our technical and professional skills, as well as the excellent contacts network we have in and outside of Japan.

We are KUMIAY Internacional, an alternative from Japan for the solution of personalized problems in your organization!

Why choose KUMIAY Internacional Co. Ltd. as a service provider?

In the following, we explain the reasons by which hiring our services would be a competitive advantage for you:

  1. Because we are an innovative, efficient and effective alternative with enough capabilities to understand the technical, operative and economic needs of our clients.
  2. Because we always look for the way to surpass the expectations of our associates, partners and clients.
  3. Because we have the technical tools and personalized methodologies accord with the business reality of our day.
  4. Because we have an international network of contacts of the highest academic and professional level.
  5. Because we want you to be part of our goal of forming efficient organizations committed with quality, values and internationalization: “to serve as a reference as leading companies in our field”.

Our vision

To represent the international reference as a link between Japan, the Americas and the Hispanic World in topics of business, management and technological development, contributing substantially to business development by means of quality, innovation, efficiency and excellence of our work team and in the services we offer to our clients, contributing directly or indirectly to the success of the operations of the companies that grant us their trust.

Our mission

To be a company focused on quality, innovation, efficiency and excellence of our work team, by which the services we offer to our clients contribute directly or indirectly to the success in their operations and their internationalization. Allowing us in this way to have motivated personnel proud of belonging to the company and optimization of the profitability and stock value. The above, in line with with firm values and principles as well as with the legislation of the country or countries in which we have operations.

Our values

Honesty, respect, transparency, responsibility, commitment, dedication, integrity, excellence, innovation, humbleness and others that allow us to obtain a key positioning in the competitive world in which we struggle today, as well as ensuring the success in the strategic goals of our clients by means of a high impact alliance.

Our specific goals

  1. To identify the needs of our potential clients.
  2. To develop innovative business lines, increasing the possible income sources.
  3. To establish personalized solutions to the identified problems.
  4. To design training programs, seminars and consulting focusing on quality, innovation, efficiency and excellence of our work team.
  5. To evaluate the perception of our direct and indirect customers regarding the quality of our services.
  6. To continuously study about the latest advances in topics related to our services.
  7. To ensure that the services given to our clients really have a positive impact in the success of the organization or business unit operations.
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